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Who Dat Nail Spa - Want your manicure to last longer? Here's how. - nail salon 70056


Who Dat Nail Spa - Want your manicure to last longer? Here's how. - nail salon 70056

You just spent dozens of dollars on newly manicured nails at a local nail salon, so you don't want them to be chipped off so soon, right?! You may be wondering how to keep your new manicure looking fresh and long-lasting if you adore your nail art design. We have you covered! We will reveal expert nail care tips to every woman who wants to keep her newly designed nails looking like she just walked out of a high-quality nail salon. 

Firstly, you need to keep your nails healthy from the inside out. This involves the foods you consume daily. Nutrition plays an important role in the functioning of our bodies from the tips of your fingers to your toes. In fact, your nails can tell a lot about your nutritional status. You should eat the right foods to take care of your nails. When it comes to the best foods for strong and beautiful nails, these names will be listed for sure. Check them out below and try to add them to your diet!

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fish (like salmon, trout, tuna) is an excellent source of proteins and sulphur. Omega-3 fatty acids can help lubricate and moisturize your nails, giving them a shiny appearance. If you happen to have thin and brittle nails, then this one's for you.

Nails are primarily made of a fibrous structural protein called keratin. When we’re lacking protein our nails become brittle and discoloured. Eggs are not only a high source of protein but also vitamin B12 and biotin to increase fingernail thickness.

The calcium, iron and antioxidants in dark, leafy greens like spinach, broccoli, kale and collard greens can boost nail health. Carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and other yellow veggies are packed with vitamin A which helps keep your nails shiny and avoid dryness.

Who Dat Nail Spa - Nail salon Terrytown LA 70056

Nuts include almonds, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, macadamias, walnuts, peanuts and so on. In general, nuts are good sources of fat, fibre, protein, vitamins, and especially iron which helps carry oxygen to your organs and every cell in your body—including your nails.

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, coenzyme R and vitamin H, promotes healthy cell growth and aids in the metabolism of protein-building amino acids that are essential for nail growth. Biotin is most concentrated in organ meats such as liver, but can also be found in dairy products, and especially in avocado.

For healthy fingernail maintenance, it’s imperative to load up on micronutrients as well. Oats are rich in copper, zinc, manganese and B vitamins, which are known to promote healthy fingernail growth.

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